The Neighborhood Mint


The Neighborhood Mint

After a current journey to Dahlonega, Georgia, I’m ended up being consumed with
needing to know more about the United States Mint that had actually existed and its
history. To state that “The Neighborhood Mint: Dahlonega in the Age of
Jackson” by Sylvia Head, Elizabeth W. Etheridge, provided me all the
details I ever wished to know would be an understatement. Their
200-page book is loaded with realities, figures, stories, and little bits of
history that often were frustrating. Sometimes you get the sensation
the authors are “beating a dead horse”, however I was never ever entrusted to
secrets or unanswered concerns.
Being a trainee of United States coins, I was interested regarding the function politics
played in the coinage of our loan, facility of mints, and whom
the mints utilized. The authors drill down deep into the characters
and intentions of the specific gamers. Furthermore, I was amazed
to find out that Dahlonega was the website of the very first American gold rush,
not California. The Dahlonega mint never ever did produce the coinage
Prepared for by its designers for various factors, which is
discussed. I would not suggest this book to the fainthearted. , if you

are history enthusiast, coin collector, or a trainee of politics, this is a.
excellent read. Remain away if you are not.


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